Totok Aura
'Aura' healing through acupressure and breathing remedies to restore balance in the body's energy flow. This technique combines acupressure and our own 'chi' to re-balance every function in our body. When our body is in harmony, we project better 'aura'.

Facial Herbal
Cleanses - Comedo Extraction - Face Acupressure - Face herbal Mask

Anti-Aging Magical Facial
Cleanses - Comedo Extraction - Face Massage - Galvanic Nu Skin - Vit. C Peel-Off Mask

Face Lifting
Cleanses - Face Massage - Aloe Vera Gel - Galvanic Lifting - Vit. C Peel-Off Mask - Serum

Whitening Peeling
Cleanses - Micro Dermabrasi - Whitening Peeling - Vit. C Peel-Off Mask - Serum

Eye Treatment
Cleanses - Eye Acupressure - Galvanic Lifting - Eye Mask - Serum

Available only at Poetré Kemang, Poetré Mediterania, Poetré Cilegon.