Cleansing Milk
Gentle cleansing milk effectively removes dirt and make up residue.
Rp 135.000 / 1000 ml
Rp 16.000 / 100 ml


Face Herbal Mask
Helps to draw out the impurities and excess oils while tightening the pores to give a brighter and fresher look to the skin.
Rp 60.000 / 1000 gr
Rp 10.000 / 50 gr


Face Massage Oil
Calms the skin, while helping the cells to re-generate and brighten the complexion.
Rp 275.000 / 1000 ml


Face Scrub
Cleanse and remove dead skin cells, make it looking young and supple, also helps to brighten and nourish the face skin.
Rp 60.000 / 125 gr


Face Soap
The liquid soap for face and neck, deep cleansing and tighten the skin
Rp 150.000 / 1000 ml
Rp 18.000 / 100 ml


Face Toner
Refresh and maintain moisture to the skin, make the skin soft and radiant.
Rp 135.000 / 1000 ml
Rp 16.000 / 100 ml


Serum Vit C with Collagen
Rp 40.000 / 20 ml